Hooray, we’re having guests!

It’s clever solutions in an attractive design that make a great bathroom, not how many square metres of floor space it has. And burgbad has all sorts of ideas to help you transform your guest bathroom into a little haven. Get inspired!

Badu - Badu – guest bathroom

Badu Upbeat and charming

Bel Gästebad - Bel – guest bathroom

Bel Fein und flexibel

Coco Gästebad - Coco Gästebad

Coco Calm and clear

Crono Gästebad - Crono guest bathroom

Crono Straightforward and versatile

Diva 2.0 Gästebad - Diva 2.0 guest bathroom

Diva 2.0 Graceful and out of the ordinary

Eqio Gästebad - Eqio guest bathroom

Eqio Refreshing and versatile

Essento Gästebad - Essento guest bathroom

Essento Light and fuss-free

Iveo Gästebad - Iveo guest bathroom

Iveo Smart and practical

Lavo 2.0 Gästebad - Lavo 2.0 Gästebad

Lavo 2.0 Inviting and wonderfully homely

Orell Gästebad - Orell guest bathroom

Orell Contrasting and consistent

rc40 Gästebad - rc40 guest bathroom

rc40 Upmarket and exclusive

Sinea 1.0 Gästebad - Sinea 1.0 – Guest bathroom

Sinea 1.0 Gentle and harmonious

Sinea Gästebad - Sinea 2.0 guest bathroom

Sinea 2.0 Dynamic curves and a wide range of variants

Yumo Gästebad - Yumo guest bathroom

Yumo Snug and soothing