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Sustainability report

(valid for: burgbad AG, all locations)

Transparent communication about our sustainability activities is important to us. That is why we regularly publish our sustainability report. We are pleased that we have developed the current 2018-2020 report and are now reporting for the first time in accordance with the internationally recognized GRI standards.

Report 2014/2015
Report 2016/2017

Report 2018-2020


For the first two reports, the German Sustainability Code (DNK) provided us with the framework for developing our relevant sustainability topics. We were the first bathroom furniture manufacturer to publish the DNK statements of compliance.

statement of compliance of the DNK 2015
statement of compliance of the DNK 2017


GOLD MEDAL for burgbad

(valid for: burgbad AG, all locations)

EcoVadis is the world's largest provider of sustainability ratings for companies. The result of our assessment is the EcoVadis Gold Medal. This puts burgbad in the top 5% of all rated companies in our industry in over 160 countries. We are pleased that we now have it in black and white after an external audit: Burgbad doesn't just talk about sustainability, we live it. This gives our customers peace of mind before green washing. For us, it is an incentive to continue to be the leading bathroom furniture manufacturer in the area of sustainability.


burgbad Eqio blauer Engel


Initiated by the federal government in 1978, the BLUE ANGEL is Germany’s best-known ecolabel and was the first in the world. The label is a product certification and we are proud that our bestselling “Eqio” line, which is made in Germany, meets the criteria of the “Low-emission furniture and slatted frames made of wood and wood-based materials” category. Once again, reliable information puts our customers in a position to specifically request eco-friendly products and thus reduce damage to the environment.

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made in germany dgm label web 3.png


(valid for: burgbad GmbH, location: Germany)

burgbad GmbH is the first bathroom furniture manufacturer to confirm that its entire collection (sy10, sys20, sys30, rc40, rl) meets the demanding criteria for the “Furniture Made in Germany” quality seal. Strict conditions defined by the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification (RAL) are attached to the new label, which was developed and launched by RAL in collaboration with the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM). Compliance with the requirements is monitored by the German Quality Assurance Association for Furniture (DGM) on the VDM’s behalf.

Why do we have 5 labels? Because the quality seal is a product certification, i.e. we were audited for every product segment and received the corresponding approval. We’re delighted that this enables us to give our customers further reassurance that our products aren’t just of the very highest quality, they’re made in Germany too.

MF logo coul

Meublez-vous français

(valid for: burgbad France SAS, location: France)

L'Ameublement français, a trade association bringing together 350 French companies in the furniture and interior design sectors, is behind the "Meublez-vous français" action. The logo is intended to make people aware that the furniture is manufactured in the different French regions. Our burgbad France site is proud to produce our beautiful burgbad furniture (Eqio Smart and Free collections) for the local market in the heart of Eure et Loir in Nogent-le-Roi.

ral guetezeichen  goldenes m  de.png

Certified quality

(valid for: burgbad GmbH, location: Germany)

In Germany, we have been a member of the German Quality Assurance Association for Furniture (DGM) since 1992, which requires us to comply with the DGM’s requirements as defined by the RAL quality assurance system. The strict test criteria are based on current quality, environmental and emissions standards and mainly relate to the products’ durability, sturdiness and manufacturing quality. Harmful emissions and safety are also subject to thorough scrutiny. Every single factor is extensively inspected by independent test institutes. The “Golden M” quality label is only awarded to furniture that completely satisfies all the requirements – as is the case with burgbad’s entire range.

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DGM Label Klimapakt


(valid for: burgbad AG, all locations)

We were the first bathroom furniture manufacture to join the “Climate Pact for the Furniture Industry”. In view of the rapid pace of global climate change and its massive impacts on humans and nature, the German Quality Assurance Association for Furniture (DGM) supports the UN’s 1.5 degree goal and offers its members the opportunity to sign up to the “Climate Pact for the Furniture Industry”, which was introduced in January 2016.  In recognition of their sense of responsibility for climate change, all climate pact participants are awarded the DGM Climate Label – a distinction burgbad has held since 2016.

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DGM Label Klimaneutraler Hersteller


(valid for: burgbad AG, all locations)

After joining the “climate compact for the furniture industry” in 2016 we worked consequently on reducing our carbon emissions and on compensating the rest completely. Based on the DGM criteria we have done calculation of the direct and indirect carbon emissions in the areas of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 and neutralized our carbon footprint completely buying high-quality Gold Standard certified CO2- emission rights.  

Certificate for 2016
Certificate for 2017
Certificate for 2018
Certificate for 2019
Certificate for 2020-2022

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pefc logo de web.png


(valid for: burgbad AG, all locations)

All our furniture has held PEFC chain of custody certification since 2014. PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an independent certification system that promotes sustainable forest management. 

Only companies who can provide end-to-end verification that the wood they process is sourced from sustainably managed forests are awarded the PEFC seal of approval. The verification is audited and confirmed by independent certification bodies (TÜV Nord) every year. As a result, burgbad furniture with the PEFC label guarantees that the entire production chain is certified – all our wood materials originate from monitored sources. Wood carrying the PEFC certificate of origin is free from any suspicion of originating from illegal logging or exploitation. It is proven to come from forests that are managed in harmony with nature and in line with strict criteria – so that they are fully retained for future generations.

Certificate PEFC

DGM EPD Label Kastenmoebel Emmisionslabel


(valid for: burgbad GmbH, location: Germany)

In Germany burgbad achieves best possible classification in the world’s first emissions label for furniture.
In collaboration with leading test institutes, a group of DGM experts developed emissions categories for furniture. The goal was to develop a label that provides consumers with key information about the product’s emissions profile in a simple way. The Class A emissions rating means a low risk of exposure to harmful substances, whereas a Class D rating is only equivalent to compliance with the legal requirements regarding limits for formaldehyde.
The entire range of burgbad furniture is classified in emissions class A. For your safety.

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UN global compact


(valid for: burgbad AG, all locations)

In 2015, burgbad decided to join the world’s biggest and most important initiative for responsible corporate management. Based on 10 universal principles and sustainable development goals, the United Nations Global Compact pursues the vision of an inclusive and sustainable global economy to the benefit of all people, communities and markets, both today and in the future. By joining the compact, more than 13,000 companies and organisations from the fields of civil society, politics and science are already demonstrating their commitment to turning this vision into reality – and burgbad is one of them.

LogoFFU burgbad.png


(valid for: burgbad GmbH, location: Bad Fredeburg)

At burgbad the human takes centre stage. burgbad lives a family-conscious corporate culture and seeks for a good working atmosphere as well as good working conditions for healthy and content personnel. Compatibility of family and job is for us an utmost concern. burgbad sees the certificate – which it was first awarded in 2015 – as recognition of its many years of commitment.

At our site in Bad Fredeburg burgbad was certified as family friendly company in Hochsauerlandkreis (a district in Germany, where burgbad is located). Decorated are companies, which support their colleagues with individual family friendly actions, helping to master the balancing act between every day family and every day job.

Certificate 2015-2017
Certificate 2017-2020
Certificate 2020-2024


CEOsbekennenFarbe RecyclingpapierfreundlichesUnternehmen Siegel 200px 1.png


(valid for: burgbad AG, all locations)

Entrepreneurial success for burgbad as a wood processing company is closely linked to the claim of sustainability. An essential objective for us is to save resources. Our goal is to reduce paper consumption as much as possible by increasing the use of digital media. Nevertheless, burgbad cannot do without paper completely. For this reason, we are deeply committed to nailing our colours to the mast and will switch our paper for office communication and business correspondence from FSC-certified to recycled paper with the Blue Angel over the course of the year.

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GoGreen Klimaneutraler Versand


(valid for: burgbad GmbH, location: Germany)

We care about reducing environmental pollution. That’s why we are using the gogreen service provided by Deutsche Post and DHL. The transport-related CO2 emissions are calculated and neutralized through verified climate protection projects. Consequently, all shipped letters and parcels from burgbad in Germany are climate neutral. One component of our climate protection activities. 

Certificate 2016
Certificate 2017
Certificate 2018

Certificate 2019
Certificate 2020


(valid for: burgbad GmbH, location: Germany)

In Germany, since as far back as 2013, burgbad’s participation in return systems like Interseroh has ensured that any product packaging that comes into circulation is returned to the recycling loop via its retail partners.

Only in Germany, we use 3 times more of raw materials than the amount due to us. Recycling is a way to work against that development. By practicing recycling not only new products are developed but also primary resources are preserved and greenhouse gases are reduced. That makes sense for burgbad.

blue responsibility.gif


Involvement of burgbad in “Blue Responsibility” reflects a sense of common purpose regarding the responsible use of natural resources. The three pillars of sustainability – economical, ecological and social – are firmly rooted in the corporate philosophy of those brand manufacturers in the German sanitary industry who are involved in the initiative.

ear final rgb mit schutzzone web.png


(valid for: burgbad GmbH, location: Germany)

In order to ensure the best possible functionality, burgbad builds electrical and electronic components into some of its bathroom furniture. As a result, these products fall under Germany’s Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG). This means consumers can dispose of their old appliances correctly (via municipal recycling depots and retailers’ collection points) and make an important contribution towards achieving the act’s goals – i.e. protecting people’s health and the environment from the harmful substances in electrical and electronic equipment and reducing such waste by reusing or recycling it. burgbad’s EAR registration number is DE 90381808. 



(valid for: burgbad AG, all locations)

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has set up the Alliance for Climate and Development to combine climate protection with the promotion of economic and social development in non-industrialised countries. We expressly support this by focusing our high-quality offset projects on co-benefits in non-industrialized countries. We expressly support this by focusing our high-quality offset projects on co-benefits in non-industrialized countries. More at:

compensation project burgbad 2018 and 2019

burgbad ce zeichen sm.png


The electronic description of our furniture consists of tested parts and complies with the requirements in the CE directives.