Sinea 2.0

Slender good looks in lots of dynamic variants.

Dynamic in form, Sinea 2.0 creates a soothing effect and radiates a sensuous appeal. The basic wave shape of Sinea 1.0 has been extended with a counterwave. In addition, version 2.0 is executed in much thinner materials, making the lines of the furniture and washbasins look even finer. Sinea 2.0 offers a wide range of different washbasins, furniture and fronts.

Recessed pull opening, wave and counterwave. Sinea 2.0 picks up on the wavy contours of Sinea 1.0 and adds new variations – like a counterwave on the vanity cabinets and mineral cast washbasins, as well as additional vanity cabinets and furniture variants. The wave-shaped recessed pull opening can be emphasised with an accent colour or given additional emphasis with integrated lighting.

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